March 23, 2010

Wet n Wild LashIntense Mascara Review

I bought this mascara at CVS for somewhere around $4. I was doubtful that it would work,but the packaging was really pretty, so I gave in! (Oh, you impulsive shopper, you!) The brush is rubber and has three rows of bristles fanned out on one side and a comb(one row of straight bristles) on the other. (Anyone ever notice how weird the word bristles is?) I was ecstatic when I tried it! It is definitely one of my all time favorite mascaras, and I can see my self repurchasing this indefinitely. (Please, don't stop making this, WnW!)
Some pictures:

(I couldn't really get the camera to focus on the straight on angle)

 Size Comparison

I really love the fantastic effects of this mascara, and the low price doesn't hurt either! As a warning, this is not waterproof, so no crying when you realize how much you love it! Not being waterproof does make it easy to remove though, which I love. Most mascaras never want to come off of my lashes...(anyone else have this problem- even after using eye makeup removers!? Me too.)
This product is a 5/5 all around!

Note: I bought this with my own money and was not paid for this review and am not affiliated with Wet n Wild Cosmetics.


  1. Wish we had Wet N Wild here across the pond :(

  2. You could always swap someone for it on MakeupAlley!


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