March 20, 2010

Rimmel Glam Eyes Review in Glam Ice

After reading Nouveau Cheap's  review of Rimmel Glam Eyes a while ago (See Here), I've had my eyes set on one. Now you might be asking, "With such cute fresh colors, why did you pick white?'. The answer is- I was in desperate need of a dramatic highlighter (I know, I know. Who doesn't have a highlighter? Me- until now.). Don't get me wrong. I have "highlighter" shades, but they were mostly just lighter shades. I never owned that perfect pearlescent white highlighter shade until now! Glam Ice is no plain boring white. It is shimmery (not glittery) and is so so pigmented. I used it with UDPP, so I didn't see any creasing. Since it's mostly a highlighter shade, it wouldn't be creasing anyway, but it might wear off or other shades might crease- I don't know sorry. I'll try it and let you know! 
And I know this doesn't contribute to the quality of the product, but the packaging and design are just so cute! (but not in a little girl way)


Top: one swipes    Bottom: Two swipes

Product Rating:
Quality of Product: 5/5
Design: 5/5
Function: 5/5
Staying Power: N/A
Color Selection: 3/5
Overall: 4 (because I wish it came in more than like 5 colors) I would repurchase!


  1. Looks like it would make the perfect highlighter, well done spotting it! Let us know how it goes! :D


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