April 17, 2010

Guess What?

After contemplating it, I finally gave in and bought the 88 Metal Mania Palette and a few other things from Coastal Scents! It's actually my first purchase from the site (I know. I'm late jumping on the bandwagon). I just love love love metallic finishes. I can't wait for it to arrive. I also order a black large crease brush:

and a gel liner in Grape Vine:

I'm so excited!!!!

April 9, 2010

Sleek Storm Palette Giveaway at The Glamorous Gleam

The Glamorous Gleam is hosting a giveaway. Here's what's up for grabs:

Here are the rules:
  • You MUST be an official follower of my blog, meaning I can see you in google friend connect.
  • You MUST comment on this post telling me what kind of look you would like me to create with this palette. (i.e. I would like you to create a look using colors 5 and 6 from row 1) Repeats are okay.                                 
  • You MUST leave your email address"
"...this contest is open internationally. .. The giveaway will end on Friday April 30th @ 11:59pm EST USA. The winner will be chosen using random.org and will be announced on  Monday May 3rd."

And the link (http://www.theglamorousgleam.com/2010/04/sleek-makeup-i-divine-storm-palettte.html#comment-form)

Good luck!

The Want List: Coastal Scents 88 Metal Mania Palette

(source: https://www.coastalscents.com/cfwebstore/index.cfm?fuseaction=product.display&product_id=2049)

Description from Coastal Scents:
"Metal Mania has arrived to Coastal Scents! Embellish, Captivate, Inspire your inner spirit with this new palette collection.
88 vibrant colors that become even more gilded in appearance when using an eye primer. A little goes a long way, the impact is extraordinary, the color combinations are endless"

Of course, I've heard about Coastal Scents and seen and admired all the 88 palettes, but none of them have ever especially stood out to me and made me put down the money for one. But when I got the email about this palette today, I dramatically changed my mind. I think it was the finish: matte's okay, shimmer's okay, but a chromatic/metallic finish? To die for. I love this finish, and I must have watched the promotional video on the website at least 10 times. I'm in love. I want product so bad. Each and every eyeshadow looks so wonderful, where as when I see the other palettes, only 3 or 4 stand out to me. Each one of these makes me want to play with makeup for hours on end (more than I usually want to :) ). 

I want. I need. I have to have. Please! Can I? We'll see.

(And while I'm at it, I'm eying the gel liner in 24k Gold and Feline and the Camo Quad in Light also)

April 8, 2010

New Poll

Check out the poll, please! You can select multiple answers!


Melissa the Dilettante

April 7, 2010

Tag: Five Products I Regret Buying

Sorry I've been away for a few days. I got swept up in school and the excitement of entering a YouTube video contest (will post details soon). Anyway, in this post I will do the beauty tag "5 Products You Regret Buying". I didn't feel like taking pictures, so all these photos are sourced to other sites. I hope you don't mind.

Products Which Cause Buyers Remorse :(

1) Revlon Beyond Natural Concealer and Highlighter in 300 Light
(source: Walmart)

I only half regret buying this product. The concealer stinks. I hate it. It is creamy, but no coverage. Zip. Zatta. None. And the undertone is ultra-pink. Where as, I have a yellow undertone. On the other side (no pun intended), the highlighter is beautiful! I love the beautiful sheen.

2) Loreal Touch-On Colour
(source: I don't remember oops. Not mine!)

I bought this for my cheeks, and well, I hate it. I can't even see it on my skin. The texture is awful. Way to sheer. I haven't tried this on my eyes or lips. But maybe it would be pretty??? I don't know. I hate the texture.

3) E.L.F. Brightening Eyeliner in Gilded

These eyeliners are so tough! The color is beautiful, but it tugs and pulls. My eyes do not appreciate it!

4) Loreal H.I.P Eyeshadow Duo in Foxy
(source: not mine either)
Don't get me wrong- I loves these in most shades. I was really excited about the pink side of this. But it was so disappointing... The pink won't even show up on my finger, much less when applied with a brush. I tried to foil it too- no luck! I was so let down. On the positive, the brown is pretty and pigmented, but dry and powdery. If you are looking for another of these, I recommend Wicked. It's great.

5) NYX Single Eyeshadow in Beauty Queen

Ewwwww. This color is so gross to me. I hate it. But it is soft and pigmented...but no excuse for the color.

April 4, 2010

March Favorites 2010

It's that time! Sorry it's a day late from when I promised it... Here are the products I repeatedly reached for in March 2010:

Secret Scent Expressions Invisible Solid Deodorant in Cocoa Butter Kiss
This smells fantastic. It reminds me of summer, and I just cannot emphasize enough how good this smells.

MAC eyeshadow in Phloof!
I love this as an inner corner and browbone highlight!

Revlon Colorstay Foundation Combo/Oily Formula in shade Sand Beige

One word: Perfection

Mark. Just Pinched instant blush tint in Cheeky

Makes me look fresh and cheery!

Essie Nail Polish in Shelter Island LE
This color reminds me of the ocean. It's so pretty. I have it on my toes right now, and it was so cute at the beach!

Loreal Voluminous in Carbon Black
Lush lashes

Wet n Wild Lash Intense Mascara
perfectly volumized and separated  and easy to remove

E.L.F. Studio Kabuki Brush and Powder Brush

These brushes are great quality. So soft!

Mark. On the Edge Liquid Eyeliner
The brush is so thin which makes it easy to maneuver and control and allows perfect precision. It's buildable so a large number of looks are attainable, and this baby does not budge!

Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in Underground
These shadows feel like silk, and the color of this one makes it the most beautiful and unique neutral. They are so soft that it really makes it a pleasure to wear these.

NYX Eyeshadow Trio in Nude/Taupe/Dark Brown (what an original name...)
Great for on the go. The middle shade is really interesting.

E.L.F. Nail Polish Remover Pads
They work. The last time I ordered these (two years ago) they were horrible and smelled disgusting. I wouldn't say these smell great, but they are much improved in scent. This time they work perfectly.

Hope you enjoyed!

April 2, 2010

I'm Back....and Forever 21 Haul

Spring Break was fun. I love Busch Gardens, and the Alpengeist is my favorite roller-coaster! I didn't do much shopping. I did visit a CCO but didn't see anything super special or anything I already wanted. I bought this pair of Aeropostale shorts at the outlet:

They were originally $44.50 but were reduced to $24.99. But wait- There's more! I had a coupon from Seventeen Magazine for any pair of Aeropostale shorts for $17. So the shorts only costed $17.80 with tax! I love them. They're soooo  comfortable.

Then when I got home, I went to the mall to spend my Forever 21 gift card I received as a birthday present.
Here's what I bought:

Earrings $3.80

Purse $22.80

Sunglasses $5.80

T-shirt $10.90

Tank Top $3.00

I'm absolutely in love with everything I bought. Tomorrow is a Beach Day (yessss!). Want to see a beach bag post? Say so below!

March Favorites post tomorrow!

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