April 7, 2010

Tag: Five Products I Regret Buying

Sorry I've been away for a few days. I got swept up in school and the excitement of entering a YouTube video contest (will post details soon). Anyway, in this post I will do the beauty tag "5 Products You Regret Buying". I didn't feel like taking pictures, so all these photos are sourced to other sites. I hope you don't mind.

Products Which Cause Buyers Remorse :(

1) Revlon Beyond Natural Concealer and Highlighter in 300 Light
(source: Walmart)

I only half regret buying this product. The concealer stinks. I hate it. It is creamy, but no coverage. Zip. Zatta. None. And the undertone is ultra-pink. Where as, I have a yellow undertone. On the other side (no pun intended), the highlighter is beautiful! I love the beautiful sheen.

2) Loreal Touch-On Colour
(source: I don't remember oops. Not mine!)

I bought this for my cheeks, and well, I hate it. I can't even see it on my skin. The texture is awful. Way to sheer. I haven't tried this on my eyes or lips. But maybe it would be pretty??? I don't know. I hate the texture.

3) E.L.F. Brightening Eyeliner in Gilded

These eyeliners are so tough! The color is beautiful, but it tugs and pulls. My eyes do not appreciate it!

4) Loreal H.I.P Eyeshadow Duo in Foxy
(source: not mine either)
Don't get me wrong- I loves these in most shades. I was really excited about the pink side of this. But it was so disappointing... The pink won't even show up on my finger, much less when applied with a brush. I tried to foil it too- no luck! I was so let down. On the positive, the brown is pretty and pigmented, but dry and powdery. If you are looking for another of these, I recommend Wicked. It's great.

5) NYX Single Eyeshadow in Beauty Queen

Ewwwww. This color is so gross to me. I hate it. But it is soft and pigmented...but no excuse for the color.


  1. What a shame, reading what you said they all sound pretty rubbish. I love reading these posts though for some reason :P

  2. I know. Products are so deceptive. They look like they'll really work. They all make promises. I hate when they end up on this list. But I love reading other people's lists, because I feel like I'm smarter than the advertising :)


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