January 2, 2011

Cover Girl AquaSmooth Makeup with SPF 15

Happy New Year everyone! On Christmas Day actually (this is sad), I stopped at CVS and grabbed this foundation which I read lots of postive reviews about online (in my defense I needed to buy feminine products). I bought it in the shade which I thought had a yellow-er undertone. From the packaging, I believe any shade ending in zero was pink-er while the ones ending in five were yellow-er. Truly, it's more beige and not quite yellow enough for me, but still matches my skin tone (if that makes any sense). It matches the beige tones in my face but not the overall more yellow tones. The packaging says,
"-Liquid perfect coverage feels incredible (rating: 3.5/5)
-Airtight compact keeps makeup fresh and mess-free(true but big-4.5/5)
-Vitamins B3,B5, and E and -Oil-free, hypoallergenic, won't clog pores (true so far 5/5)
-Smoothing formula, with vitamins, helps give you noticeably better looking, beautiful skin (overall rating: 3.9/5)
-To use: Sweep sponge applicator lightly over makeup, then your face. Control sheerness by blending and spreading(application using included sponge 4.5/5 even though I hate sponges and blendability and coverage control 5/5)

(bare face)

Would I recommend?

Price $9.99 retail
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  1. hey there! i just moved to arizona but i do like it very much so far. scottsdale is a great area. i've heard good things about ASU if you are planning to attend that college. the mountains are definitely a plus!

    love your blog background by the way.


  2. hhmmm think I might give this a go when I next run out.

    Love your new layout too!


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