January 10, 2011

Christmas Presents Round Two- Lips

The rest of my Christmas presents (I know I took way too long to post this) was an order from cherryculture.com consisting of NYX products. NYX was one of my earliest makeup loves and the reason I refused to try MAC for so long. I was absolutely certain that the quality was the same for a lower price. Now that I have used a few MAC products, I would have to disagree. I think overall (and depending on the product) MAC is better. However, there were a few "out there" things I wanted to try, and I didn't want to pay full price at MAC and end up hating it. So I did literally hours of research trying to find dupes or similar shades to what I wanted from MAC, and thus for the $50 I was allotted for my present, I ended up being able to get more items and try more "trends". I like to put lots of photos, so I split this into Lips, Cheeks and Eyes.

Lip products was actually more than 50% of my purchase. I bought four of the Round Lipsticks and one Black Label lipstick.
Strawberry Milk, Paris, Power, Sierra
First thoughts:
I really like the round lipsticks. They aren't superb quality but for me they're fine. The Black Label is nicer and more expensive, but I cannot express how much I hate the packaging. I can't explain it. It reminds me of Maybelline CS lipstick packaging but I like that. So  I just don't know :)

I also purchased to Lip Liner Pencils.
(857 Nude Beige and 839 Dolly Pink)
They're okay. I really like Dolly Pink. Nude Beige is very brown. They're also a bit dry.

(natural lighting)
Top Row: 
Black Label L/S in Poem, Dolly Pink Lip Liner Pencil, Nude Lipliner Pencil
Bottom Row:
Round Lipstick in Power, Paris, Sierra, and Strawberry Milk.
(artificial lighting)
 I bought Power and Strawberry Milk because I wanted to try bubble gum lips. I bought Paris and Poem because I wanted to try bright pink lips, and I bought Sierra as a possible MAC L/S in Spirit dupe. I don't think it is, but I haven't seen Spirit in person.

I would recommend:
Round L/S in Power and Paris
Lip liner in Dolly Pink
(color of and quality not packaging of) Poem

What are your favorite NYX lip products?



  1. I really like the lipliners - they're super cheap and come in a bunch of colours, I think I have 8 or so of them.

    I actually like the packaging on the Black Label lipsticks, I love that clicky sound they make when you put the top back on, lol. Weird, I know!

  2. @Dee: I'll have to check out some more colors of the lipliner! I do like that clicky sound haha. I think my dislike of the packaging is purely irrational

  3. I love NYX lipsticks! Lot's of nice pinks you got there :D

  4. @ Lillian: I know! The shade range is awesome.


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