January 10, 2011

Christmas Presents Round Two- Eyes

I really wanted to buy the Special Effects Lashes in Victorian but I mistook the Doll style for them which was out of stock. So I missed out on those but bought these.
I haven't tried them yet but they look pretty :) 
They were $10 which is pricey...I don't know how I feel about it. NYX sells a line of lashes at a lower price line which I will probably purchase next time (the Victorian ones will me mine.). On the topic of lashes, Sonia Kashuk has GORGEOUS ones at Target.

(Artifical lighting)
L-R: Turquoise Pearl and Jade Pearl

(natural lighting)
I hated how small the hole was to begin with but now realize it makes it easier to apply.

T-B: Jade Pearl- dry and wet and Turquoise Pearl- dry and wet
 These are actually more pigmented than they appear in this photo.

I would like to get the pearl pigments in other shades.


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