October 10, 2010

Updates for This Week

So I should definitely be writing the English paper I have due tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM, but this is WAY more important, right? (sarcasm just so you know)

Here is a list of my *ahem* intended posts for the week (and next):

  • MAC mini-haul and review
  • Dollar Tree product review
  • LOTD(s)
  • Short byte about my life
  • Book recommendation
  • perfume review
  • hair review
Knowing my schedule, there's no way. But I'll try. Thanks to my loyal readers, and if you haven't yet, please vote in the polls!


  1. I no how you feel..i have sooo many blogs to write and catch up on...we can only hope!!! hahahah

  2. hey, I tagged you for a survey over on my blog, here's the link if you're interested:



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