October 23, 2010

TAG: Nine Things I Am Grateful For

So this lovely tag is from A and C of The Fashion Spot blog. I've really been enjoying her helpful "The Daily Five" tips, as seen here. Please check her out and follow!
On with the tag:

Blessing #1
Redemption and Grace (my own views- please be respectful)
(Google Images)

Blessing #2
Knowledge and Learning
(Google Images)

Blessing #3
Creativity (Makeup, Art, Music, Fashion, Writing)
(Google Images)

Blessing #4
Love and Friendship (Family, Friends, Boyfriend)
(Google Images)

Blessing #5

(Google Images)

Blessing #6
Self- Expression

Blessing #7
 (Google Images)

Blessing #8

Blessing #9
Disorder (Spontaneity)

I tag Pretty Wonderful and anyone else- feel free to link the post in a comment below!


  1. Thanks for tagging me! I've just posted something, so i'll get on it 2moro :)

  2. Thank you So much for the shout out! :D I LOVE your post on this, such good choices, and the pictures are all so cute! I love your blog! I can't wait to see more of your posts! Thanks again! :)



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