December 27, 2010

Christmas Haul 2010: Part 1

Hello, Lovelies! Haven't heard from me in a while? Sorry 'bout that. Not going to make excuses because we all know how life is, especially whil preparing for midterms (eek!). For Christmas, the only thing I asked for off the gift idea post was the Nars Beauty in a Box set, but it was no longer available when my mom told me to order it. I was so very disappointed. Then she told me I could buy something comparable, but from all of Sephora, I could not pick anything. I had wanted a variety of products and one lipgloss and an eyeshadow would not cut it. I looked at other gift sets, but nothing *really* caught my eye. So then I moved on to MAC's website and proceeded to shop the "Melissa" way by grabbing (or adding to my basket) every single thing I would like, which you can imagine took a good two hours. Then I went to my shopping cart and began to weed out slowly what was not absolutely, ahem, "necessary" (oh, materialism...curse you for my iniquities!). Finally after, no joke, hours spent agonizing on the perfect thing to get, I had my basket limited down to MAC Snob lipstick, MAC Contrast Eyeshadow, MAC Spirit lipstick, and MAC Dollymix powder blush. I could not limit that down to $50 for anything. It was too hard of a decision. Thus, I had the bright idea to look up NYX dupes for what I wanted most from MAC, as well as NYX versions of whatever my collection is missing. For examply, I know I want the MAC Snob lipstick, but I also generally want a bubble gum-toned blush. After completing my Cherry Culture order (a lot of NYX stuff was on sale so I was able to buy more- and I loveeeee that site), I felt pretty satisfied. So now I am waiting on that.

While I was still looking at the MAC website, I was looking up swatches on Google Images and saw a photo of a pigment called Vintage gold that was simultaneouly a bronze gold and green gold. It was a beauty. After research, I discovered it came out with the Cult of Cherry-Overrich Pigment Collection and was now only available at PRO stores. UGH. Never fear, I hunted it down across various reliable websites and managed to get my hands on it for $27 (it retialed at approx. $20). For some, I know I must seem crazy, but this jar will last forever. This will last me YEARS (5+ at the least). It's crazy how far the TINIEST dab will go. Crazy. It was my first pigment, and it is an Overrich meaning it's even smoother and more pigmented than standard pigments. I am so in love and so content with this purchase. It was worth every penny. It you are looking for some from this collection, I recommend Vintage Gold and Antique Greeen. also has swatches of this collection which show the greenish hue better than my photos.

It reminds me of my favorite UD Eye liner shade- Stash

I bought this from The shipping was superfast, and the packaging was really good. The seller also included this sample of MAC Cocomotion Pigment, which I don't know anything about. I think this color is very dupeable.

I also purchased two Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Glitter Eye Gels in Purple Pop and Strike Gold. I will have a review on these later. These are $7 each or 2 for $12.

On my wishlist I gave to my parents, I also asked for L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black, which is my favorite mascara. I finally finished mine. I will have a review on that in two weeks, because that's how long it takes to really work. The effect is pretty now, but much better in two weeks. The first time I bought it I thought, "This is crap!" But I pulled it out two weeks later and wow! I will put pictures of it now and two weeks from now. The second mascara I asked for was L'oreal Voluminous Million Lashes. I like it a lot, but I want to wait to review it because it might thicken also.

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L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes is really neat in a few ways. I really love the glam gold packaging. Also, it has this design where it wipes extra product off the brush to reduce clumps (as seen in the picture above). Third, it clicks when fully shut, which is really satisfying for some reason haha.

I hope you enjoyed this! Please don't take it as bragging. I love to read these posts because they sometimes introduce you to products you haven't seen before or haven't given a second glance.

Much love,


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