May 15, 2010


Wow! I haven't posted anything in so long. I am so so sorry. I have been through a terribly busy few weeks. First, I had a major project to do, then my computer kept messing up where I couldn't access the internet, and on top of all that I had a horribly busy weeks of play practice and the weekend of performances to complete. I was at school from 8:30 AM when school started until 9 or 10 at night when play practice ended every single night for like 2 1/2 weeks straight. Then I had to gear up again for my AP exam this past Friday (death  on paper).

While I was gone however I did accumulate a few products:

The products from my Coastal Scents order-
Metal Mania Palette

Well...It's not that it isn't a good product. It is. But after reading all the hype online and lusting after it for so long, its arrival was almost bittersweet. The colors are pigmented, but not the easiest to work with. For me, they don't blend well and don't transfer very well from brush to eye. Staying power is good. But I was expecting a little more because of all the hype. However, don't let these judgments influence your opinion of the other more famous palettes. Please remember this one has a different finish, and thus, is not the same.

Here are my favorite shades:

<<<<(this one especially)

Overall, I'm pleased with the product, but I don't think I'll be buying another eyeshadow palette from C.S. I really like palettes where you choose the colors, so the idea of pre-selected colors doesn't really float my boat. One last note, I was unaware of how small each eyeshadow is. I (for some reason) thought they were only slightly smaller than regular eyeshadows, but they are actually the size of a dime. Whether that's a pro or con, you can decide.

And (here) you have seen the eyeliner I ordered and requested a swatch:

It's a little darker than the swatch shows, but it is somewhat sheer. It is not super bold or very noticeable. However I did try this as an eyeshadow base, and it was so amazing! The color was beautiful and buildable (so it will be as an eyeliner too), and it didn't budge all day. It was better than my UDPP. So I love it, and I really want to get the gel liner in these colors too: Gold Bliss, Feline, Indigo Blue, and Truffle. They all look so pretty. These liners feel so lovely and soft, like what Maybelline Dream Mousse should feel like but doesn't :). 

From the drugstore, I picked up a few hair products:

Ellin Lavar Textures Reconstruct Masque
I have tried this once, and it didn't seem to do anything. But I'm going to try it a few more times before passing a judgment.

Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray

If you've ever read a beauty blog, you've probably heard someone talk about this. This is a quickly rising drugstore product. It smells really good and definitely protects hair well against all kinds of heat damage. And the design of the nozzle makes it so easy to spray as a opposed to the classic spray bottle styles.

And for my Ulta Rewards, I picked up the NYX Jumbo Pencil (I'm obsessed with these) in Yogurt

It's a really pretty color, and it makes a nice base or simple eyeshadow. It's slightly chromatic and flashes between matte pink and gold pink. It's just lovely. The next one of these on my wish list is in Lavender.

And I went to the Dollar Tree and saw these makeup brushes by Donna Michelle. Being in the Dollar Tree, I assumed they would be horrible quality, but I had to feel them anyway. This eyeshadow brush is so soft, and great quality. I really really like it, and for a dollar, you can't refuse it. The other style brushes weren't as nice. 

Once again, I'm sorry for being away so long. As the school year is wrapping up, I should be getting more and more time, and I am redevoting myself to this blog. Please stay tuned, and thank you for those who have stayed loyal through the hiatus.


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